Most of the time, we don't want to have to make simple content changes for clients. Most of the time, clients want to make the changes for themselves. How can we make a CMS-powered static site?


The very basics of interactivity on the web. Most clients will want at least a small contact form. How can we provide that without controlling our server?

Integrating with APIs

Third-party APIs are a way of life in the agency world. Not being able to keep your secret keys safe can be an issue of static sites. How do you integrate with third parties safely in the JAMstack?


E-Commerce is the art of making money on the Web. How can we handle all that goes along with e-commerce when we don't have a server?

User Generated Content (i.e. comments, etc.)

Dynamic Content on a static site? How can we have users give us additional content, when we can't touch the server?


If you're coming from client work in WordPress, you probably are familiar with how easy themes can make your life. You don't need to give up on themes just because you went static!